The FUNGHI are OUT !

Are you a lover of Funghi Porcini ? and like Lucca Villa Rental well WE HAVE GREAT NEWS FOR YOU … just a short walk from La Collina del Sole your favourite Villa rentals in Tuscany there are woods full of these fabulous Funghi !  The Current guest at La Collina del Sole the star among Villas for rent in Tuscany reported yesterday “ 2kg of Porcini and three hours of fun “  … So if you are looking to rent a villa in Tuscany or checking out Holiday Villas in Lucca and Love Funghi Porcini read on ! This is great news indeed as Funghi are usually relatively easy to come by the Garfagnana, however this year due to its exceptionally hot summer and lack of rain they have been in very short supply, the secret is a short burst of rain, a gentle wind and ten days = funghi

Funghi hunting is not recommended for beginners as Funghi Porcini are very difficult to find, you can easily get disorientated unless you are with a guide. At La Collina del Sole we have a fully accredited nature guide who can take you  on walking tours in our immediate vicinity as well as longer tours in our marvelously rugged mountain ranges and valleys.  His name is Francesco and he offers a range of different walks, he is an expert on local plants, habitat and animals,  his partner Alina speaks perfect English should you wish to have a translator with you.

Francesco Pierrotti would be the best guide to show you where the precious Funghi are slumbering.  Some locals augment their income by selling Funghi and will not readily divulge good spots to each other let alone visitors, however if you do fancy a good walk then make sure you buy your “Funghi hunting” permit at the Ponte Bar at the entrance to our area from the main road as there will be people checking permits up in the Prate. There are some very attractive looking mushrooms that would make you feel very ill so please make sure that you check with Francesco, Maria or Alina whether the mushrooms you have picked are edible.

Favourite Funghi Porcini recipes are Risotto , Tagliatelle and Lasagna to name a few, for a list of restaurants that cook with these Fab Funghi you will have to check in on our Blog next week…Happy Hunting