Where there is Funghi … Truffles are not far behind !

One of the delicacies of the area when you rent a Villa in Tuscany and in particular a Lucca Villa rental like La Collina del Sole is the abundance of Truffles - black truffles in particular – In the area where La Collina del Sole is located with other Villa rentals in Tuscany Chestnut forests abound which creates the perfect conditions for both Funghi Porcini and il Tartufo aka Black Truffles . The perfect autumn "outing" as our last guest who chose La Collina del Sole among other Holiday Villas in Lucca found out; was a stroll in the woods and a catch of 2 KILOS of Funghi Porcini, followed by a wonderful meal cooked by Maria with Black truffle. Should you be in Villas for rent in Tuscany on the 14th October you could visit Castiglione di Garfagnana and attend the Fiera del Fungo, tartufo scorzone e castagna which promises to be a culinary treat ! The menu  at the Fiera del Fungo, tartufo scorzone e castagna  includes tartare beef slices with truffle thinly sliced on top, fried egg with tartufo scorzone, local cheese flavoured with … yep truffle !  Risotto with Truffle, Polenta with Funghi and roast beef with … you got it TRUFFLE !

Should you wish to eat at home while staying at Villas for rent in Tuscany we suggest you buy some fresh truffle or tartufo scorzone from our fabulous local veggie shop La Piazetta in # 12 Via Fulvio Testi, Telephone 0583 644520 and FRESH PASTA  - whcih is such a treat from  Arte de la Pasta, where if you wish the owner Valerio Adami will show you how he gets the fresh pasta ready for you, he has a real passion for his job and a beautiful little shop in the heart of Castelnuovo.

To find ask for L’Arte della Pasta, Via D. Pacchi, Castenuovo di Garfagnana, Telephone 0583 641464.  L’Arte della Pasta has homemade pasta made by Valerio Adami which can be ordered or bought on the spot in any quantity, it is cut as you wait into any shape and thickness that you wish. They also sell freshly homemade sauces like Bolognese. It is worth the little walk, closed on Mondays. You will find it tucked away in Via D. Pacchi which is behind and under the main square, accessible through the hole in the wall in the main Piazza Umberto, going through the archway between the buildings.

Unlike Funghi Porcini hunting expeditions that you can enjoy while staying at La Collina del Sole , with our wonderful Francesco as your guide. Truffle hunting is a solitary affair best performed by one human and either a female pig or dog, with a good sense of smell. Why female you may ask ? Well because apparently the smell of an underground truffle reminds them of what interests them in the opposite gender … but don’t let that put you off.

Truffle has a euphoric side effect and has been attributed aphrodisiac properties for centuries.