The Lady: Italy is La Dolce Vita

This Spring 2013 issue of The Lady Magazine featured a focus on Italian holidays and suggests the best places to rent a villa in Tuscany 

La Collina del Sole is given pride of place among the Villa rentals in Tuscany The header article EXPERIENCE LA DOLCE VITA ! was commissioned by The Lady from the owner of Lucca villa rental due to her experience and knowledge of what is available, here is the full piece !

“Italy has been a haven for British visitors for centuries, think “Room with a View” and you will envisage what a true Italian retreat can do for you!   Italy has the friendliest of welcomes where a halting “Grazie” with an English accent elicits enthusiastic praise. Not only are the Italians super hospitable they also know how to live well, and share their knowledge enthusiastically you will find a wealth of fabulous and well-priced wines, excellent cuisine  laced with delicious fresh tomato based sauces, homemade pasta and freshly baked bread  each day. Succulent treats like truffles and Funghi Porcini are commonplace as are freshly caught fish; Italians are a race of gourmands without the fuss.

There is so much to do!  from Etruscan, Roman and Medieval treasure hunting, to Olive Oil & Wine tasting, from Italian cooking lessons  to eating the best ice cream in the world; invented in Florence by Catherine de Medici’s head cook.  You can walk for miles in the National Parks of the region or laze by the pool reading your favourite book. Italy can be boisterously fun and chaotically friendly with wonderful un-stuffy food and a huge welcome.