For "Foodies" !

Being a serious “Foodie” myself I thought you might enjoy a few recommendations - Our local Train stop of Ponte di Ceserana houses a little home grown treasure Il Ponte di Ceserana - 15 Loc Ponte di Ceserana, Telefone 0583 66 20 05 The owner/cook, Claudio, comes from Ayr in Scotland, he produces amazing locally produced grappas of different flavours at the end of the meal. His wife Clementina and children help run the restaurant and bar.  A good hours walk from the “ La Collina del Sole ”, great to burn off all the calories after the meal as it is uphill coming home. Claudio speaks perfect English with a wonderful Scottish accent, closed Mondays, booking preferred.

Now if you are a SERIOUS Foodie you will have to visit Boninis Trattoria di Bonini Pier, Via Monteperpoli 147 – Monteperpoli   55032, Telefone  0583 639 425 and  0583 62210.

HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. There is an excellent lunch Menu for Euro 10, including house wine. There is also a most amazing a la carte dinning which is best appreciated in the evening. Highly recommended are the homemade Linguini with Truffles, Tagliatta of Beef with Grilled vegetables, all the game dishes are exceptional. The owner has an impressive list and knowledge of wines which are well priced. Cost of a la carte meal is approximately Euro 25, plus wine. Closed on Tuesdays.  To get there allow 20 minutes drive from “La Collina del Sole” going towards Castelnuovo, however just before the bridge into town and just after the FIAT garage, turn sharp left towards Paleroso and Monteperpoli, keep left and driving uphill towards Paleroso, you will see it on your left, it has a limited car park.

Does the idea of SLOW Food appeal well think …. Il Pozzo in Pieve Fosciana. Via Europa 2 /A,Tel 0583 66 63 80 ,Email- ristorante.ilpozzo The movement Slow food is basically very interested in keeping alive home grown traditional dishes, and ingredients that due to the “homogenization”  of society are at risk, they beleive that great food must be prepared with care, love and time, and eaten with the same amount of care love and at a gentle pace with delectation. At “ La Collina del Sole ”  we also share this passion and you may have Fantastic food prepared for you in situ,  however if you would like a change of scene from your favourite Lucca Villa Rental home, then Il  Pozzo is a 20 minute drive away It has the BEST antipasto [mixed starter] dish in the area. Giordano and Maurizio founded Il Pozzo in 1985 and have formed part of the “Slow Food” movement from its inception. Their Menu Degustation has home-made pasta, home grown vegetables and herbs. Their list of approximately 120 Italian wines includes some from Lucca, Tuscany and further afield. They are passionate about the origins of the food they prepare and have won several awards. Great food and good ambience any time of year, usually busy but capacious. They close on Wednesdays apart from August when they open seven days a week.