Olive Oli and Wine tasting anyone ?

Have you ever dreamed of tasting the difference between Olive Oil types ?  Well it is possible just 15 minutes from La Collina del Sole, which I unashamedly say is a jewel among the Villas for rent in Tuscany you will find the Osteria Vecchio Mulino, Via Vittorio Emmanuelle 12, in the heart of Castelnuovo, it is a Historic “ Osteria di Garfagnana ”.Osteria Vecchio Mulino was built into the lower walls of the Castellated town and has been in this location for several centuries. This Osteria is a destination for Italian wine lovers, from all over the world. It sells local and Super Tuscan wines alongside local products, it offers wine and oil tasting, you can choose from Local, to Tuscan, from Northern Italy or Southern Italian wines to book speak to Andrea Bertucci open every day except Mondays.

To book your wine or Tuscan olive oil tasting session call +39 0583 62192 giving 2 days’ notice, Cost of tasting starts at €10 per person with a minimum of 2 people in the party.

To eat well and drink FAB wines while you enjoy your Villa rentals in Tuscany we suggest Trattoria di Bonini Pier, [Via Monteperpoli 147 – Monteperpoli   55032 Tel  0583 639 425 and  0583 62210  ] with an excellent lunch Menu for Euro 10, including house wine. However if you want to lay your hands on really good wines, at reasonable prices opt of the well-chosen list of wines, the owner Pier Bonini has an impressive wine knowledge, by the way you can also eat like a king here. To get there allow 20 minutes drive from La Collina del Sole  While you are in the area can see beautiful Cascio, Paleroso and Monteperpoli.

Now if you would like to Rent a villa in Tuscany during Wine festical times while enjoying a realxing and idyllic infinity pool then 1.30 hours drive from La Collina del Sole in September the Festa del Vino get under way,  The best festa in the region is in Monte Carlo, near Lucca which has an exceptional wine festival with wine producers selling their wine in cases, and giving samples, with wonderful food stalls and Local Artisanal produce.

For those more adventurous wanting to Rent a villa in Tuscany  and who would like to personally taste the Vendemia season with grape picking the traditional way, you are more than welcome to join us at La Collina del Sole where we have our own organic wine.

Harvesting usually starts in October depending on how hot the summer has been and the amount of rainfall. When the Vendemia starts, wine making takes place in all the surrounding vineyards, including ours, it is really good fun although a touch tiring, the locals are always happy to show you how to harvest the grapes, it can be hard on the hands if you are not a seasoned gardener. The weather is usually excellent, not too hot or cold, and you get a real “feel” for what community farming and harvesting must have been as all is done in the old traditional way, then at the end of a strenuous grape picking day, have an invigorating plunge into the Salt water infinity pool and enjoy a well-deserved Vendemia Dinner.

Now if you would like to go to the historical root of Olive Oil production while checking out the Holiday villas in Lucca  check out Lucca iteself, for reference it is a 50 minute drive away from La Collina del Sole.  Lucca is well renown for its Olive oil.  A beautiful walled city, It is also reputed to be the birthplace of banking.

“Must see” places in Lucca are: the amphitheatre, one of the few oval shaped ones, with many medieval houses build into it, and Piazza San Michelle which has a delicious homemade ice cream shop, the main street is Via Filungo which is spectacular in Easter with the many processions. A fun thing to do is to rent a bike and cycle round the walls, the Bike rental place is near Porta de Santa Maria, with the Statues of the Panthers guarding the city. A beautiful site is the Alabaster tomb sculpture of Ilaria del Cerretto in the Cathedral of San Martino and an interesting architectural point is the Torre Guinigui, with a tree growing in the centre at the top.  A nice bar and patisserie is called the “Angolo Dolce” in Via Borgo Giannotti, they make their own tortas and pastries. Located on the outskirts to the walls. Just next to this cafe there is a very well stocked Homeopathic Pharmacy called Farmacia Contucci, Via Borgo Giannotti 409, Lucca. Telephone +339 0583 34 3213 From Wine to Gardening Lucca is well known for its Formal Villa Gardens, drive towards and in Marlia, a current flower growing region of Northern Italy, many Villas have well tended gardens which attract visitors from around the globe. In Marlia itself you will find My Mei cafe where they have freshly squeezed orange Juice, cappuccino, freshly baked pastries and home-made ice-cream, it is tucked away in a side street. A great little “pit stop”- Enjoy!