Festa time approaches !

As evening approaches at La Collina del Sole your favourite Villas for rent in Tuscany during June, July, August and September ......  the whole region explodes with “too many festas to count” the season of fun begins so find your favourite Holiday Villas in Lucca  as all round the villa rentals in Tuscany festas pop up everywhere with villages transforming themselves into medieval fortressed towns, or playing hosts for a good old "fun times" festa.So when you look to rent a villa in Tuscany we would like to point out that there are 4 different types of festas: Art and artisanal events with local customs on show Medieval extravaganzas Music Festivals and then …. the good old FUN parties for all the locals to  go a dance and “be” together,  where you can show off your foxtrot, tango and waltzing abilities. For an updated and comprehensive list of “Festas” see the English translated hand-out given at all the shops in Castelnuovo. Some festas celebrate particular types of local food, like Festa della Trota [trout], Festa della Porchetta [roast suckling pig], Festa della Bistecca, Festa della Polenta. All the Food will be homemade with great Pride so guaranteed to be spectacularly good. You can also find local art exhibitions and local photography shows which are held in larger towns, like Castelnuovo and Barga. Most importantly, local artisanal produce gatherings happen alongside festas or town events. These gatherings abound in the region and show a rich variety of handmade terracotta, textiles, wax, hand stitching , woodwork, glass and all manner of fascinating and compelling works.

Here is the Calendar of Medieval Medleys

In July • Casoli (Bagni di Lucca)  Medioevo in Val di Lima with Medieval scenes • Coreglia Antelminelli  Notte nell’antico borgo evening event set high up in the hills Correglia hosts an unforgettable evening • Sillico (Pieve Fosciana)  a Bandits dinner during Ariostos time in Garfagnana, remember poor ol Ariosto was attascked by bandits during his tenure at Castelnuovo HIGHLY RECCOMENDED also a yummy restaurant just outside town !

August Trassillico (Gallicano)  The siege of 1512 in Trassillico is re-enacted • Castiglione di Garfagnana  A Medieval day in the Castle of Castiglione a spectacular backdrop for the event • Lucchio (Bagni di Lucca)  A medieval day • Sillico (Pieve Fosciana)  "Silico bandits in Ariostos Garfagnana ... at dinner This is one of the best festivals around, held 3 times from end of july and first weeks of august, aprox 15 euro per person allows you to enjoy a three course meal and medieval romps with great views • Gombereto (Bagni di Lucca) Giornata Medievale sulle Rocche in other words A medeival day ... enjoy the perfect anitidote to a lazy day by the sun !