August … Italy ?... We MUST party and have Gelato

As you enjoy La Collina del Sole one of the few Villas for Rent in Tuscany with an infinity salt water pool. A unique feature among the Holiday Villas in Lucca and ... a real treat within the villa rentals in Tuscany - offering cool marble sunbeds on which you can sunbathe as you rent a villa in TuscanyAll in all a very cool Lucca Villa rental  however … wait a minute…. an essential ingredient is missing ...  Gelato the tantalizing word for ... Ice Cream

If you scream for Ice Cream, here are a few choice destinations.

La Botega del Gelato in Piazza Umberto, which is very central in the main Piazza of Castelnuovo, It is  the most established and yummiest Gelateria in town. Carries a concise selection of freshly made Gelati.


A great choice too is In... Gelateria, Piazzetta del Duomo,  almost opposite the Main Church in Castelnuovo, otherwise known as the Duomo their telephone number is 349 425 48 02.  It has delicious freshly made ice cream, frozen yoghurt, frappe, ice cream cakes or tortas, gluten free ice cream, brioches, crepes and waffles.  Yummy, yummy,  yummy... beware they are closed Tuesdays  but only during the winter.


A new addition is Fuori dal Centro with a nice little terrace to sit out on,  it is in Piazzetta O. Dini, just inside the east side entrance to the fortressed part of Catelnuovo,   very close to the Aia di Piero and Pizza Clary  they make gelato and frozen yoghurt.  They also make “Meringue” based ice cream which are lighter in weight and a different consistency to traditional ice cream.

Party wise there is a feast of choice On the 5 of August the VERY SPECIAL Festa dei Pastori in the Prade Garfagnine just above La Collina del Sole we have known over the years many people who made shepherding in these hills their livelihood. In Cascio within Mollazana there is the Sagra delle Crisciolette from the 3 to 5 of August In Fornaci di Barga from the 3 to the 5  of August there is Agosto a Fornaci with music, dancing and an opportunity to do your shopping in the cool of the evening.

On the 4 of August in Silico there is the medieval style dinner where the whole town plays host to   “ I banditi dell Ariosto all ora di Cena “ Brainchild of Dr. Roberto Nobili and organized by the Polis Sillico Association, the event "I Banditi del Sillico nella Garfagnana dell’Ariosto... all’ora di cena" is staged annually in late July and mid August. Characters in Renaissance dress (ladies, gentlemen, soldiers and bandits) move around the town and act a series of incidents related mainly to the conflicting relationship between the Moro (a bandit born in Sillico) and Ludovico Ariosto (Governor of the province of Garfagnana). Visitors are led in a gastronomic journey that allows them to taste ancient dishes. Silico is the village that you gaze upon while looking north from La Collina del Sole On the 4 of August there is the distant but very beautiful  Festa della Madonna dei cavatori

On the 5 August you can choose from a variety of interests from Casone di Profecchia plays host to the Sagra Pascoliana an cultural event celebrating the life of Giovanni Pascoli the Italian Poet and Classic Scholar. OR In Sillicano  the Sagra del Bomboloni  a.k.a the feast where they celebrate making fresh doughnuts… and you thought doughnuts were an American invention … think again ! OR A celebratory walk in Fabbriche di vallico  durign the 29 Passeggiata in Val di Turrite

On the 10 of August you can enjoy at varying distances from La Collina del Sole the Procession of the Fiera di San Lorenzo in Seravezza or The Festa di San Lorenzo in Vagli Sotto or An evening’s entertainment based on Giovanni Pascoli at Castelvecchio Pascoli or A Mexican party in Mollazzana or A Roast suckling Pig feast in Villetta in the area of San Romano or enjoy the 25th Trout feast in Valligori in Villa Colemandina

If you stay at Lucca Villa rental you are literally Spoilt for Choice !