Ten reasons to dig deeper while planning a holiday

La Collina del Sole viewYou never know what the place REALLY looks and “feels” like, when selecting your dream Lucca Villa rental while typing Villa rentals in Tuscany in your search engine it will come up with a host of options for Villas for rent in Tuscany , you might refine your search by  LOCATION and search for Holiday Villas in Lucca or keep the search wide by entering rent a villa in Tuscany but whatever you look at make sure that the testimonial pages sound real and come up to scratch, one of the nicest guest feedback comments that La Collina del Sole received was from Joe from Kentucky in USA it reads like this:“ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!!! Truly magnificent. Many times pictures of vacation homes look better than the real thing, but definitely not here.... “

view from La Collina del Solevineyard and pool

  • Reading between the lines is important too! Have the guests lacollinadelsole1stayed there more than once? From Rachel and Dick we read “We have been lucky enough to have stayed for the last five years – and we look forward to going back again this summer.  We hope that you will enjoy this lovely spot as much as we do.”
  • Staying on the “reading between the lines” point; check if there are truly Special moments to be had?  from Matt in London “sunbathing beside the mesmeric infinity pool, (which being salt water allows you to swim with your eyes open without a sting!) watching the beautiful swallows nose diving down to cool off their beaks, or happily snuggled up in front of the impressive open log fire with a hot chocolate.Swallow Happy Hour
  • Do the owners listen to feedback and act on it? From Christopher La Collina del Sole Sunset by the poolin London “It was evident from many things about the house and the information you provided that you have spent a lot of time thinking about your guests and how to give them the best possible experience.  We may well be in contact with you again next year for a return visit.
  • Do they intend to stay again? From Rachel in Texas “Thank you for sharing your little slice of Heaven with us! Now, if you could figure out how to bottle up the view and the fabulous natural scents and send them to Texas, we would be most appreciative! We very much enjoyed our stay and will be back with the entire family! The local hospitality was amazing! We can tell you have put a lot of love into the entire La Collina experience to make everything perfect! From deep in the heart of Texas, we send you a special heartfelt thank you! “

    Flowers at La Collina del Sole

  • Beverley in Dorset writes “What a beautiful villa you have in Italy, we so much enjoyed our stay and will definitely be back to Pizza Experience at La Collina del Sole enjoy the pool, views and tranquillity of La Collina del Sole”   From Natascha in Toronto “Having an incredible time (already planning our next Italy trip and definitely coming back to your most beautiful villa). This is paradise. The pizza experience was lovely and the three ladies are wonderful.” Or from Joe in Kentucky “We had a fabulous time! Can’t wait to come back. Everything was spectacular – villa, pool, views, culture THANK YOU !!!”
  • Is there AMAZING food to be had?  From Joe in Kentucky “Our Pizza making at La Collina del Solepizza night was a lot of fun, and our pasta making class on Tuesday evening was quite memorable! They are coming back to tonight to make us a farewell dinner which we are all looking forward to. Thanks again for making possible such a wonderful and memorable Tuscan experience!!! “ or  “If wild boar or heaps of truffle pasta don't tickle your fancy, you can get the best pizza you'll ever have 15 minutes’ drive away in the quaint yet vibrant town of Garfagnana.
  • Are there fun things to do?  From from Luke in London “Off to one of the restaurants recommended in your guide book this  Ginas pathway for her Goatsevening… Might do a festa towards the end of the week. All is well here thank you - we're all having a great time and the place is just beautiful! We had the pizza experience last night which was lots of fun” Or Anthony in Reading “Within easy rambling distance are a number of villages nestled in the hills which are great fun to explore, and everyone you meet along the way is so friendly and welcoming. Nearby Castelnuovo is a striking historic town with a delightful array of local shops including some wonderful bakeries, delicatessens and restaurants serving the most delicious food and local wines at very affordable prices.”  Lars in London writes “The house itself is lovely and has everything one needs over there and the garden/vineyard was very well kept and pretty, I hope you don't mind us taking a few figs here and there... The pool is outstanding and summer life Florence Ponte Vecchioclearly centres around it, as did our time there. We enjoyed a few minor trips around the nearest towns (Castelnuovo di G and Barga) and had a very busy but good day in Florence. A couple of your restaurant recommendations were closed when we tried but we did get to have Claudio's fish menu on Friday which I can recommend and was good value for money. Also thanks for the welcoming lasagne and the few bits (milk etc) in the fridge when we arrived”
  • Does the Villa have a STUNNING feature? according to Anthony “The swimming pool has to be seen to be believed, and whether Guests at La Collina del Sole taking a cooling dip, lazing on a sunbed by the pool or enjoying an al fresco meal on the terrace, you just feel the cares of the world slipping away. While I was there, the Icelandic volcano erupted causing havoc with flights, but for me there was no better place in the world to be stranded.” From Louann in Texas “You have found gems in the whole staff.  Everyone was so nice and helpful!  And that pool!!!  It is to die for!!  Absolutely loved it!! We were in it every day!!”
  • Can the Villa provide a life changing experience?  From Natscha in Toronto “I can’t even begin to tell you how much we loved your Diving into the Infinity Pool LA Collina del Sole place. Because of your pool my son has finally gotten the courage to jump in the lake at our cottage (which he has never done) and without the use of a lifejacket (something he never felt comfortable doing before) but three to five swims a day at La Collina has cured all that.”
  • Is it far from the airport? From Phil in London “The house was newly renovated to exacting standards resulting in exquisite La Collina del Sole - Rebecca Jensenmodern accommodation built very sensitively into the traditional environment. Views from the villa are breath taking. Day trips to the better known areas such as Florence or Lucca are all easily achievable. Pisa Airport is a 90minute drive away.
  • Would the guests recommend the Villa? From Carin in Dresden, Germany “The house is amazing… was really organized and clean and we really appreciate that. I would definitely recommend your villa to others. … Great week lots of fun” Would the guests recommend the Villa? From Carin in Dresden, Germany “The house is amazing… was really organized and clean and we really appreciate that. I would definitely recommend your villa to others. … Great week lots of fun”Flowers at La Collina del Sole
  • Do they write back saying they miss it so ? If the answer is no to any of the above then don’t bother looking anywhere else, La Collina del Sole awaits you with open arms!  Luke in London Evening  light on Pool La Collina del Solewrites “Back now thank you, and sad to not be waking up to the view of the mountains! Everything about the trip was brilliant and we all had such a great time - thank you so much” or from Natascha in Toronto We are already discussing our next trip to Italy and rest assured we will be back to your MOST LOVELY place! It was a treat to stay at La Collina del Sole and the kids definitely were yearning after the pool for the rest of our time in Italy they thought your place was the best of the places we stayed..             Missing the food, history and beauty of Italy...” Sunset at La Collina del Sole