In Italy it is all about the Va VA VOOM !

Italian Cars from Fiat to Ferrari Selected guests of our Villa rentals in Tuscany have asked for different experiences while they rent a villa in Tuscany indeed some of the guests from La Collina del Sole have already sampled the delights of  Italian Super Marques as they have written both in Tripadvisor and the Lucca Villa rental Guest feedback  so putting their experience and our investigative zeal to good use we have come up with a few Speed delight ideas to sample while you stay in Villas for rent in Tuscany or Holiday Villas in Lucca

Ducati composite

If you think Italian + Speed the names that spring to mind are Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ducati and if you are a real connoisseur Pagani, which was founded in 1988 by Horacio Pagani who worked with Lamborghini and still does work alongside them.

Most of the grand speed marques of Italy have fantastic museumsFerrari and factories showcasing their history and technology. Many have experiences and enjoy meeting their worldwide fans. They are housed in Modena,  where the delicious Italian Balsamic Vinegar comes from,  and Bologna which is also one of the most beautiful towns in Italy they are a 2.5 hour drive from La Collina del Sole, at roughly 150 km from the gorgeous Lucca Villa Rental

If you would like a little more “va VA VOOM” in your holiday you Lamborghini2can visit these fabulous museums should you wish to tour the factories we would suggest you book through the specialist travel agency MotorStars Unless you happen to have a special relationship with the local dealer in your home town who might be able to organize a VIP visit or a test drive.

If you enjoy the 2 wheel drive VA VA VOOM experience and wish to maserati2hire a Ducati, or a Moto Guzzi, this can be arranged through Central Italy Motor Tours in Pisa, they also carry other 2 wheel wonders like a Triumph, BMW or Suzuki motorcycles, or an Alpha Romeo Spider convertible sports car from their Rome base. The feedback we have received from the Guest at La Collina del Sole has been very positive.

Enjoy your Va [ Ferrari ]  VA [ Lamborghini ] VAAA [ Ducati ] VOOOM [Maserati ]  VOOOOOM