Olive Oil

Things you NEED to know about Olive Oil

People living in the Mediterranean have a much lower risk of contracting Alzheimer’s Eating at tabledisease than those in other parts of the world. This explains why most of the elderly local population around villas for rent in Tuscany who eat a healthy Mediterranean diet similar to the one we ate at La Collina del Sole when we ordered the suggested menu from Maria the super cook of Lucca Villa Rental are in strikingly good form at a ripe old age, with alert minds and a quick joke -  such a pleasure to encounter when you rent a villa in Tuscany and encounter the locals, whether in the local café to your Villa rentals in Tuscany  or the restaurants near your Holiday Villas in Lucca , most local restaurants  have  a designated table for the older men who,  for some reason,  have no women to cook for them. They meet every day usually for lunch but sometimes for dinner too, they read the local press and have a jolly good chat. Researchers looking for an explanation found an association between extra virgin olive oil and low rates of Alzheimer’s. They attributed olive oil’s disease-fighting power to high Pizza making at La Collina del Soleamounts of monounsaturated fats. However, new research shows that oleocanthal - a natural substance found in olive oil is the real cause of Olive Oils remarkable quality Research has shown that oleocanthal decreased the accumulation of beta-amyloids—the amino acid–based plaques that scientists believe cause Alzheimer’s—in the brain and boosted production of the proteins and enzymes that researchers think play roles in removing those same plaques. Results also showed that oleocanthal from extra-virgin olive oil which is consumed in a Mediterranean diet has the potential to reduce the risk of AD or related neurodegenerative dementias. When you buy olive oil it is worth bearing in mind that the terms “first pressing” and “cold pressed” don’t mean much on a bottle of olive oil that’s already labelled “virgin.” There is only one pressing involved, and it always takes place at ambient temperature and the difference between “virgin” and “extra virgin” is the percentage of acidity allowed - up to 2% and 0.8 % respectively.OSTERIA Vecchio Mulino Italians consume about 3 gallons of olive oil per person, per year, but Greeks consume the most in the world about 5 gallons per capita annually, both countries are known for their “Dolce Vita” attitude Olive oil goes rancid rapidly when exposed to light and heat, so although it looks nice in brightly-lit displays or sunny shop windows, you shouldn’t buy those bottles, store most of your oil in a cupboard or better still the cellar and only keep a small container to hand for daily use. Be sure to clean that container before refilling each time, so you won’t end up adding good oil to rancid remainders. As if deliciousness and protection against Alzheimer’s were not enough to recommend it, other research has found that extra virgin olive oil helps to clarify thinking and improve memory. So if you would like to know where to get REALLY GOOD Olive Oil contact us