Skin care

Natural allergy-free beauty as our grannies knew it

Just a hop skip and a jump away from La Collina del Sole an enterprising young couple IMG_7610have started a vegan skin care line, very much in line with the principles of Lucca villa rental  They have produced among other things vegan lip balm in natural and chocolate flavours using olive oil from the area surrounding our Villa rentals in Tuscany  they have also produced toothpaste, face toner, hair conditioner, soap, healing burn infusion, hand and body lotion, bronzer and even soothing wax.  Luckily we have convinced one of them to impart this age old knowledge to our guests so when you next rent a villa in Tuscany if you are interested in a once in a lifetime experience  as you enjoy your  villas for rent in Tuscany try our ONLY at La Collina del Sole  "natural beauty case workshop" This way upon returning  from your holiday villas in Lucca and using your new beauty products you will re-live your idyllic holiday and should you be inclined; armed with this secret knowledge you can continue to make allergy free beauty IMG_7779products for you and your loved ones … Now there is an offer too good to miss ! So for those with hyper allergic sensitive skin here is the answer to your prayers, in the "natural beauty case class" you can learn to make natural cosmetics for yourself and your friends using 100% natural ingredients, that are vegan and cruelty free with a “no chemicals” guarantee. The workshop held at La Collina del Sole usually lasts for around an hour and using basic kitchen equipment you can learn to make 5 items from the following list: toothpaste, deodorant, hand and body lotion, lip balm, face toner, hair conditioner, bronzer or hair removal wax Let’s describe some of these marvellous cruelty free natural cosmetics. HAND AND BODY LOTION:  Its ingredients include olive oil, almond oil, beeswax and IMG_7780water. This lotion is a great moisturiser for the whole body; very rich in vitamins mainly due to the olive oil and almond oil content. It can be used as a facial night cream and is a particularly good face cream for very dry skin and mature skin.  This lotion can be used as both eye and face make-up remover particularly for those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies.  Due to the presence of water its shelf life is three weeks if kept at room temperature and if the jar is kept refrigerated it will last for three months. BLUSHER / BRONZER– with such wonderful ingredients such a cinnamon, corn-starch and cocoa, it is light and natural to give a healthy glow, intrigued? Join the “natural beauty case ” workshop and learn how to prepare it. HAIR REMOVAL WAX –  Yep our grannies had hair removal products, in fact this wax recipe has been around since 1900 BC so it has been truly tried and tested. This recipe follows an ancient Arab recipe in which the sugar content in the honey attaches to the hair that needs to be removed rather than the skin, lemon juice is alsIMG_7792o an ingredient. NATURAL TOOTHPASTE:  It is mainly made with white clay or Kaolin [ a fine white powder specifically used in cosmetics and pharmaceutics ] this is mixed with vegetable glycerine, some baking soda Is added for a light whitening action, tea tree oil for its antibacterial effect and peppermint essential oil for its freshening properties. The result is toothpaste of creamy consistency that can be used by putting some of it onto your toothbrush with a wooden spoon and brush as you would normally. Its shelf life is over a year and is particularly good for sensitive teeth and gums with high natural antibacterial, whitening and refreshing properties. Enjoy Beauty and Health NATURALLY Swallow Happy Hour