Head West Young Man ....

… and Woman specially if you have children ! If you are lucky enough to be looking at Villas for rent in Tuscany or Holiday Villas in Lucca and its surrounding mountains then we urge you to  entertain the thought of staying at La Collina del Sole whose views are due West and my ... what beautiful views they are !

The main view of this jewel among Villa Rentals in Tuscany is Paleroso

PALEROSO Village is just across the valley from La Collina del Sole and has lovely walks plus THE spectacularly delicious Bonini Restaurant on the outskirts. Within Paleroso itself opposite the church, you can explore up a steep path to a beautiful View Point.

Our next favorite walk and breathtaking view is CASCIO Cascio is a delightfully small and characteristic town, with a tiny garrison, a small square and church which is lovely and cool although not often open, there is also a bar with a nice veranda. You cannot drive in and must park in the square outside. I would thoroughly recommend it if you have young children in your party so they can have a good run around after eating at the most delicious Bonini restaurant and safely play at “fortresses”

Following the road and still very much part of the View from La Collina del Sole where hopefully you are staying at, having decided it is the best choice when looking to Rent a Villa in Tuscany we find MONTE PERPOLI

Monte Perpoli is a small walled town with a park outside the town, if you go to the furthest point within the town you will see the most amazing views towards Barga. During WWII this was the German observation point for the Gothic Line, its strategic position was one of the reasons why it took so long to rout the German army from this region. From the conversations we have had with our neighbors it appears that German troops on this lookout used mirror reflections signals to kept in touch with their troops on our side of the valley and hills. The impenetrable hideout was literally over the hill from La Collina del Sole in an old Mill aptly called il Mulino, our children used to roam down and play WWII games when young, however nowadays the pathway down to is has become impassable due to briars and saplings along the path.

Further afield but still going west we find the GROTTA DEL VENTO to get to the Grotta del Vento go past Gallicano [pretty town at night from the house, not much to see in it during the day except the main church] and turn left, the Grota del Vento is owned and run by Mr Verole. It is a wonderful set of caves, which connect two mountain ranges. It has a vast array of tunnels, galleries, stalactites and stalagmites. The deepest part of the cave has been used to recuperate children with severe breathing problems as the air is constant in temperature and is very clean, Mr Verole is a keen Speleologist and Geologist who in his spare time has written several guide books One of which is called “Discover Garfagnana “ He also loves to collect different specimens of stones, of geological interest and prehistoric fossils, some of which are on sale in the shop at the Grota del Vento. From our guests be they young or "older" boys,  who have visited this site all have thoroughly enjoyed it. It gets VERY busy in August.