Head towards the Sea!

… via marble quarries Once you have settled yourself in the best of all the Villa rentals in Tuscany and enjoyed the infinity pool at La Collina del Sole with its saline water  which means you can dive and see underwater to your heart’s content and … your eyes do not sting ! The Saline water infinity pool has another perk; the salt residue helps to enhance your tan and the cool crystalline waters keep you refreshed as you gently roast on the cool marble sunbeds.

Once you are chilled and well rested you might feel like a little foray further afield from your superb Holiday Villas in Lucca  but you still require tanning conditions; then we suggest a trip to the beach, via a very spectacular route, through the marble hills.

Head west through the Carrara Marble hills for Isola Santa and the Disused Marble Quarry

Isola Santa is 20 minutes drive from Castelnuovo and 45 minutes from La Collina del Sole it was once a thriving village, which had a dam placed at its heart, many inhabitants left it, some buildings like a small church were flooded, our friend Gabrielle Matzei re-structured many houses in it, and has repopulated the lake with local trout,  he has also opened a lovely bar where he serves delicious  food, his culinary skill was written up in Bon Apetit Magazine. This is a great place to see how the locals lived several years ago. From here you can visit a “Henraux” disused Marble Quarry, to get there leave Isola Santa, and drive towards Arni and the sea, just after a tunnel called “Tre Fiumi” turn in on your right, all our young visitors and fashion stylist visitors have loved this spot.

If you find it is very hot and you would rather keep cool then explore the old Salt Pirates hideout which is Fornovolasco This town was historically the Salt Pirates hideout, Salt was essential before refrigeration as it preserved meats and it keeps things cool, who would have thought that a vital ingredient to keep Ice cream or Gelato cold would have been salt !

Fornovolasco is a small village encircled by very tall hills, it took a real beating during the Flash Floods in the region in 2002 with many houses torn to pieces.

Still feeling like enjoying the beach ? Then head towards  Forte de Marmi or accurately translated Fort of Marble, it is at the foothills of the Carrara marble hills and on the sea. If you like the beach and sun, then look no further than this Beach town. There is a very small public Beach, hence it is best to pay to have your spot in the sun, there is a particularly nice Beach spot called Sud Est, run by the same family for years now, the current owner is Flavio Giannotti they also cook delightful food and delicious salads.  DO call and book beforehand, 0584 80 846 as smart Italian families take their spot for a whole week, and you might be able to book for a slot between one family and the next. If you prefer a little bit more “Hurly Burly” then check out Viareggio which is also by the sea and just down the road from Forte de Marmi, less refined and more of a seaside town. Viareggio hosts a famous Carnevale just before lent begins,