Where the wild things are...

Pumpkin CakeHalloween as we know it does not exist in Italy so if you are at Lucca villa rental expecting to go trick or treating you are in for a surprise!!! Italians celebrate all hallows day with a church service to commemorate the memory of dead relatives. A beautiful celebration is held at Santuario the local monastery to La Collina del Sole . A really worthwhile “dress up day” to enjoy when you rent a villa in Tuscany is the Carnevale a true highlight during the Italian special dates calendar. During this Italian fun day, people dress up and play practical jokes. The 'Carnevale' is usually in February, as it is held 40 days before Easter, a beautifully cool and crisp time of year to enjoy villa rentals in Tuscany. It is celebrated with parades, masquerade balls, entertainment, music, and parties. Kids dress up, go out and throw confetti and play innocent practical jokes on everyone. In true Italian decadent fashion they celebrate Carnevale for roughly one week. Children in Italy stuff themselves with pumpkin risotto and porcini mushrooms and Castagnole - instead of sugar filled candies – a healthier way to feast.If during your stay at holiday villas in Lucca you would like to learn the darker lore of the area, we found out from our guide when we stayed at La Collina del Sole that you can still find elements of the macabre, the famous Devil’s Bridge is a stone’s throw away from this beautiful villas for rent in Tuscany - Ponte della Maddalena, which translates as the Bridge of Mary Magdalene, is a bridge crossing the Serchio river near the town of Borgo a Mozzano in the Italian province of Lucca. It is more widely known as the Bridge of the Devil as legend has it that the villages on either side of the river made a deal with the devil in order to gain his help to construct the architecturally magnificent stone arch bridge that still stands today despite over 500 years of use, in order to facilitate the crossing of the river which was vital for the continuation of a medieval pilgrimage route. The devil agreed to build the bridge, but in return he asked to take the first soul to cross the bridge back to hell with him. After building the bridge overnight the devil was outwitted by his adversaries, the townspeople threw bread to lure a dog over the bridge first, which was last seen descending into the water, bringing peace to the community. The high arch in the bridge is supposedly due to the devil jumping in rage at being outsmarted by the townsfolk. It takes great wit to outsmart Italians ! Devils bridge Ponte del Diavolo

Italy is ABLAZE with fireworks and gifts

During New Year’s Eve the skies around Lucca Villa Rental are literally alight with Fireworks coming from all different directions the position of La Collina del Sole is exceptional as it has one of the most commanding views of Villas for rent in Tuscany and  allows you to survey the valley below as every house party attendee, formal dinner guest La Collina del Sole Party time  (4)and restaurant reveller let off thousands of fireworks of every description. A bonus when you rent a villa in Tuscany is to partake of the joys of life in the region and as many Italians visit their country cousins in the area of villa rental in Tuscany  you get to really live the Italian Dolce Vita when you stay at Holiday villas in Lucca Apart from the riotous firework displays another particular custom in the remote parts of Italy on the 5th of Janaury is the visit by a Befana an old lady who walks from house to house in a village where children can be found if they have been good she gives them sweet and toys if they have been naughty she gives them a lump of coal, you can still find “lumps of coal” in provincial sweet shops that are made with spun sugar. Traditionally each home offers the befana and the befano if she is accompanied by her husband a tot of homemade grappa and some homemade biscotti called Befanini , plain sweet biscuits specially decorated for the occasion. Barga a beautiful town near La Collina del Sole is well known for its Befanini di Barga  some have 100’s & 1000’s sugar topping others have icing sugar. Barga very close to Lucca Villa rental also plays host to the House of thFood WINTER FRUIT Largee Befana or casa della Befana where children post their requests through the letter box. Rather like posting requests to Father Christmas! At this time the household might also produce special homemade juices like RASPBERRY or BLUEBERRY JUICE for the children who accompany the befana or indeed for the Befana herself if she is a little worse for wear after visiting many homes. To make these juices, you clean the blueberries, or raspberries and put them in a pot with some water on a low flame long enough to soften them, then pass all the softened fruit through a fine mesh sieve and drain the juice, mix it with sugar according to taste no more than 300 grams per litre of juice. This recipe can be used with any berry or fruit. LCDS SUNSET winter Composite

Well, well, well what do we have here …

CHESTNUTS  Lupinaia the village above La Collina del Sole is hosting  the Festa della Castagna  this weekend. The humble chestnut is responsible for keeping the populationFunghi by Alina  (6) alive in the area of Lucca Villa Rental during WWII as there was little else to eat. You can see the why in the Museo della Liberazione During WWII the chestnut trees of Garfagnana continued to yield their fruit. In order to eat the naturally sweet chestnut that continues to be so abundant in the woods above Holiday Villas in Lucca you first collect the chestnut or Castagne  then they are dried gently over a ”Metato” for 40 days. A metato is either a two tier rustic building erected during the chestnut harvest in the Apennine area where you find villas for rent in Tuscany  or sometimes the “metato” was an integral part of the house in the kitchen area which in the autumn and winter became View from La Collina del Sole a meeting place. Although nowadays when you rent a villa in Tuscany the most attractive feature is the scenery and sunspots a few decades ago the most inviting part of a home was the warm meeting place near the kitchen, where the chestnuts were placed to dry on reed scaffold or planks of wood or cane close to the kitchen hearth which ensured a constant heat. Not a normal feature nowadays in any of the villa rentals in Tuscany ! The chestnuts then dry up over 40 days in a gentle heat, once dried, the chestnuts were shelled with a vigorous beating that shredded theLa Collina del Sole in the EVENING light with Pool skin off nut shells inside sturdy bags. Nowadays  “metati” have disappeared as they have been transformed into storage rooms or large cupboards.From the Middle Ages until the present day, the chestnut has been central to the nourishment of mountain dwellers, as evidenced by the numerous laws over the centuries, for the protection and regulation of the exploitation of chestnut trees. The Statutes of Gavinana of 1540 for example stipulate that the chestnut harvest by the owner of the woods ends with the month of November, after which the poor could freely reap the remaining nuts.   Once dried the nuts would be taken to FOOD at La Collina del Sole the mill to be turned into chestnut flour, as this flower is naturally sweet there is little need for additional sweeteners and is made into fried tranches of chestnut flower or castagniaccio, which is chestnut flour mixed with water, rosemary, orange peel, pine nuts and walnuts, raisins, milk and olive oil. Chestnut flour was also used for bread and polenta. Chestnuts could also be either roasted and called necci or eaten boiled and called balucci.   Even the most mundane food when said in Italian has a special ring to it !

La Collina del Sole Sunset view in Winter (6)


It is late July ! which means that when you rent a villa in Tuscany you can enjoy a PARTY EXPLOSION with Festas,  Sagras and Mostras here we give you a brief overview of the Eating at tablebest PARTY TIME you can enjoy while staying at Villas for rent in Tuscany  from Food festas to Flag throwing, from shopping events to suckling pig feasts. There are suggestions of great restaurants to visit while you stay at Holiday Villas in Lucca suggestions of Special Dates  If you enjoy old traditions then you will LOVE the  “ Festa dei Pastori alle prade garfagnine “ a stone’s throw from La Colina del Sole held in the in the meadows of Garfagnana on the Sunday 4th August, all the local shepherds gather to eat, chat and show off their horses.  For special experiences in the area of Lucca Villa rental we suggest having a feast at home by the infinity pool and driving to the feast of the Madonna of the Marble caves in La Collina Del Sole. Pool & Marble SunbedMinucciano - the Festa della Madonna dei Cavatori is held on the 27 &  28 of July.  If while you stay at your villa rentals in Tuscany you feel like going from one foodie feast to the next THIS weekend we suggest you go to:The feast of the Tordello – in Cardoso, Gallicano Sagra of the suckling pig in Chiozza -Castiglione di Garfagnana Trout treats - A tutta...trota at Villa Soraggio in Sillano Chestnut based pasta treats in Necci, migliacci e pitonca on Tuesday 30 July in Vallico Sopra

… Or shopping extravaganzas this weekend at Fornaci di BargaBarga … a Folkloric frenzy at the 38^ Festival Internazionale del Folclore in Camporgiano ... a traditional fair in Camporgiano this Sunday at the Fiera di Sant'Anna or sauntering of to one of the Flag throwing competition in Gallicano or checking out the bandits in Sillico Pieve Fosciana, at the medieval event "I Banditi dell'Ariosto all'ora di cena”

For AUGUST  How about some dancing on 17 of August with a Serata Danzante in Giuncugnano or you can take your pick from continued Medieval nights, dancing in Fosciandora where La Collina del Sole is located, shopping in Castelnuovo and Fornacci di Barge and of course there is the Jazz festival in Barga !

As Time Goes By …

In the midst of enjoying our Holiday Villas in Lucca we have come across a most IMG_0233wonderful antique timepiece exhibition curated by one of the neighbours of La Collina del Sole the exhibition is called “COREDÉ” {che ora é]  and is just a stone’s throw away from the Lucca Villa Rental It is held in the village of Sillico, and showcases antique cuckoo clocks, mantelpiece clocks, watches and all manner of time keeping instruments, a welcome “break” from sunning yourself by the salt water infinity pool at La Collina del Sole a gem among Villas for rent in Tuscany  The exhibition COREDE is open on Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer.  Other fun things to do when you rent a villa in Tuscany in the Garfagnana region is go to a Medieval Feast which is also in Sillico a region of choice Villa rentals in Tuscany La Collina del Sole - Rebecca JensenThe Medieval Feast season starts at 6pm from the 27th of July and runs every evening it is called “ I Banditi del Sillico al tempo dell’Ariosto… all’ora di cena ” and is a very well thought of Feast serving local foods which are typical of the time. The entire village of Sillico is transformed with medieval costumes into a bandits lair  the most famous of which was “Il Moro”. The medieval town inhabitants serve a delicious medieval meal in various nooks and crannies of the village, the church also hosts an exhibition with tools of the various local crafts. This Feast is held as a commemoration of the time that Ariosto an Italian nobleman and literary star who was mayor of the town of Castelnuovo de Garfagnana was taken prisoner by the feared bandit Il Moro.

The area of Garfagnana where you can find La Collina del Sole was the through road for Gina and La Collina del Sole ViewSalt from the sea for many of the dukedoms and principalities of Northern Tuscany, and as salt was a precious commodity to preserve food and to help keep things cold, by default Garfagnana became a magnet for all manner of bandits and “salt pirates” who would lie in wait for convoys and extract any valuable item from their hapless victims.

Other fun pastimes in Garfagnana over the weekend is antiques shopping which Fornovolascocan be enjoyed in the historic town of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana on the  1st Saturday and Sunday of each month, in the medieval jewel of Barga every 2nd Sunday of each month and in Lucca every 3rd  Saturday and Sunday of the month. Lucca by the way was recently voted the most beautiful place to live in Italy by Forbes Magazine !

Serchio ValleyIf you love old traditions then you will LOVE the   Festa dei Pastori alle prade garfagnine or the feast of shepherds in the meadows of Garfagnana held on Sunday 4th August, it is a true  gathering of locals in the cool of the meadows high up in Garfagnana hills guaranteed to be fresh a blessing in August a great day out. Yee Haaaaaaaaaaa

La Collina del Sole


One of the highlights of choosing a Lucca Villa Rental when you browse through the many LaCollinaDelSoleSmallFileVilla rentals in Tuscany is that the area is very proud of its medieval ancestry, in fact the region of Holiday villas in Tuscany had its Golden moment in the middle ages and as such re-lives their ancestry at every conceivable opportunity, a short distance from La Collina del Sole you find the newly and brilliantly restored Fortress of le Verrucole this fortress has just opened an attraction / experience guaranteed to appeal to young and old alike when they rent a villa in Tuscany  As while enjoying villas for rent in Tuscany is about the sun, food , recreation and relaxation it is also about culture.La Fortezza delle Verrucole  has not only been lovingly and painsVerrucoletakingly restored and commands the most spectacular views that have been enjoyed for centuries and been fought over by Florence and the Medici family,  the marquises of Malaspina of Massa and the Dukes of Este from Modena. The Fortress of the Verrucole was often a centre for battles. The last battle was in the 1520 when, under the Estense control, in the second half of the 16th century it was besieged by the Florentine army. A couple of weeks ago a group of young Italian theatrical entrepreneurs has taken the fortress under their wing and created am DSCN1658“archeopark” For a modest fee you can see and feel what life was like in the middle ages, the group is dressed in typical costume, they also have recreated the feel of the times with food, medieval methods of cultivation, sewing and craft making they have started a Facebook page so you can follow them, all the feedback has been very positive. Now onto FOOD truly worthy of a medieval feast we recommend you go to the Osteria Vecchio Mulino one of the restaurants we love. It is on Via Vittorio Emmanuelle 12 Telefone DSCN16610583 62192 you do not need to dress in medieval garb, this place is perfect for a grown up foodie snack, If you do not want a full meal, but still fancy  tasting a variety of typical Garfagnana food then we suggest you try the “Degustazione” of local cheese and cold meats at this historic Osteria, the cheeses are all topped with local sauces that enhance their natural flavour, the cheses here are mainly goat milk based, the cured meats all come from nearby farms and curing houses, from sweet Parma like cured ham to Biroldo the local Black pudding to coarse and fine salami and a delicious aniseed tasting salami you can also try the local wine or feast and try one of the many excellent wines that line the walls.

OK enough FOOD let’s see the SEA [ Part One ]

When you rent a villa in Tuscany if one of your aims is to get a decent tan, you will know that salt water and constantly hydrated skin plays a big part in obtaining the perfect sun kissed look. At your favourite Villa rentals in Tuscany a.k.a La Collina del Sole  the pool is a salt water pool…so not only are you able to open your eyes underwater with no stinging but also get a golden colour into the bargain.  Having established that one of the requirements when you are looking for Holiday villas in Lucca or Villas for rent in Tuscany  is the sun and salt water and having sunbathed in luxury with marble sunbeds and no crowds in Lucca Villa Rental  if you fancy a change of scene we recommend … FORTE DE MARMI The English translation for” Forte de Marmi  “is “Marble Fort” and is west of La Collina del Sole , at the foothills of the Carrara marble hills, it is on the sea and marble is the material of choice, Armani has a villa here, as do many politicians, Andrea Bocelli lives here. A few years back the main Agnelli house on the beach with its underground passage was bought by and annexed to the Augustus Hotel Resort to provide further accommodation, a great place to have a drink or delicious meal. If you like the beach, then look no further than this beach resort town. As the Augustus only lets paying hotel guests take the sun here, if you are passign by you can find a very small public beach, or better still it is best to pay to have your spot in the sun There is a particularly nice Beach spot called Sud Est, run by the same family for years now, the current owner is Flavio Giannotti they also cook delightful food and delicious salads.  Please call and book beforehand, 0584 80 846 as smart Italian families take their spot for a whole week, and you might be able to book for a slot between one family and the next. If you prefer to travel further afield ther is:

LERICI The nearby Ligurian coast is absolutely stunning and well worth a visit. The Golfo dei Poeti (the Gulf of Poets) is where Byron and Shelley both lived. The main town, is delightful with its fish market, castle and excellent fish restaurants.

From Lerici you can take a boat to Portovenere across the bay and walk around this gorgeous town. Portovenere which is translated as the Port of Venus due to its beauty, is where you can walk through the town to the ancient church and castle and Byron’s grotto – a good place from which to swim and picnic.  There are also boats from here to the famous Cinque Terre.

Round the corner from Lerici on the road to Tellaro, there is a public beach at Fiascherino – there are steps down to this charming little beach with a café / bar where you can rent sun beds etc. Tellaro, a charming picturesque fishing village hosts as you would expect many excellent fish restaurants.

The Festas to look out for this week are: On the 23 of July the yearly Photographic exhibition starts in the nearest main town for La Collina del Sole in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. Barga on the 24 to 25 July just south of us has the celebration to its patron saint San Cristoforo Sagra dei Maccheroni  from 25 to 29 July in Sillicagnana north of La Collina del Sole.

Sagra delle Crisciolette traditional bread made with are made with hard and soft wheat flour, this festa is held in Cascio where there is a tiny garrison as the centre piece of the Piazza. From 27 to 29 July. Shopping in the evening and other singing entertainment at Fornaci di Barga  “ Fornaci in Canto “ on the 27-29 July, this is quite fun to relax in the cool of the night after a relaxing day by the pool at your favourite Lucca Villa Rental A very special and unusual festa is one given for the Madonna dei cavatori   or the workers in the marble quarries, it is held in Minucciano from the 28 to 29 of July, people often stay the night in tents, the “miners” have historically lived a dangerous profession, there used to be many deaths a year, thankfully that is no longer the case, but MInucciano ‘s homes use marble as if it were gravel ... Silico  hosts I Banditti dell’Ariosto all’ora di cena on 28 July  this is a medieval themed evening with the town and inhabitants “dressed up” as a bandits lair in the time of Ariosto, a fun meal is to be had. If you are too tired to go you can always see the town brightly lit up from the Pizza Oven terrace at La Collina del Sole Camporgiano starts its folkloric festival with Mexican dancers and tango dangers on 29-30 of July The Festa del Baccala in OUR OWN village Fosciandora on the 28 of July, it is just a few minutes walk from La Collina del Sole If you prefer Pork Chiozza is hosting the Sagra della Porchetta from the 28-29 of July If you have a sweet tooth then Sagra della Torta is for you in Molazzana, 28-29 July For a traditional Festa check out Camporgiano on the 29 of July for the Fiera di Sant’Anna More seaside and partying next week Arrivederci !

Food Glorious Food and Music !

When you rent a villa in Tuscany there is an experience we REALLY want to share with you, Olive Oil and Wine Tasting !When you stay at La Collina del Sole just a 15 minute drive from your favourite Lucca Villa Rental you will find the  Osteria Vecchio Mulino which is run by Andrea Bertucci, it is on Via Vittorio Emmanuelle 12, their telephone number is 0583 62192.  This Historic “Osteria di Garfagnana” was built into the lower stone walls of  Castelnuovo the nearest town to your Holiday Villas in Lucca , It has been in this location for several centuries. The Vecchio Mullino Osteria is a destination for Italian wine lovers. It sells local and Super Tuscan wines alongside local products, it offers wine and oil tasting, you can choose from Local, to Tuscan, from Northern Italy or Southern Italian, He can also do non-Italian wines like Champagne, but why miss out on the fruit of the region where such glorious Villas for rent in Tuscany   are found.   To book your Italian wine or Tuscan olive oil tasting session, call giving 2 days notice, a minimum of 2 people is required. Cost of tasting starts at Euro 10, so very accessible ! to book speak to  Andrea, or email him at Andreabertucci1@virgilio.it  the Vecchio Mulino is normally closed on Mondays.

Now that we have spilt the beans on our favourite experience how about the latest information on all the Parties !  Close to your  Villa rentals in Tuscany for the week coming up there are LOADS  of Festas  so many in fact that I will write it up by location starting with the closest to La Collina del Sole

As Castelnuovo is in the North we will start there, keep going north and in Pieve Fosciana there is the Feast of the Raviolo from the 1 to the 10 of July, Pieve also hosts the restaurant Pozzo featured in the we love section in our site.

Still north,  you find Orzaglia in the region of San Romano on the 1 and the 8 of July they have the “Cheese form round throw” a VERY traditional pastime. If you like wine on the 6  and 7 of July in Silico they have a wine feast called “Di…Vini Sapori”. Also going north of La Collina del Sole you find Camporgiano and they have on the 7th and 8th of July they have Street Artist evenings. Also on the 7 and 8 of July Villetta in San Romano hosts the feast of the Porchetta or suckling Pig with whole pit roast meat ready to eat. West of La Collina del Sole   you will find the Verrucolete in the region of Minucciano and on the 8 of July they host the Village fete.  Also on the 3 of July there is the feat of the patron saint of Calomini in the area of Vergemoli.

Going South of our glorious Villa Rentals in Tuscany  you find Barga, where on the 4 of July you will have an evening street market, on the 6 the 45th Barga International Opera Festival kicks off and continues until the  15 of July, ALSO on the 8 of July Barga hosts a antique and artisanal market. On the road to Barga you pass Castelvecchio Pascoli which has its Festa from the 6  to the 8  of July. Still going south If you stay on the main road going to Lucca then you will pass Galiicano where the church of the immaculate conception has a feast on the 5,6,7 and 8 of July. In the same direction you pass Turritecava in the region of Gallicano, whcih literally explodes with parties this week, first on the 5 of July there is the Ceremony of the Rosary, on the 6 a liturgical music concert, then on the 7 there is the procession of the immaculate conception and finally on the 8 there is a Street feast with dinner, music and DANCING ! Also in this region the inhabitants of Bolognana have organized a walk between the old water mills on the 1 of July, whcih should be charming and very special.

Glorious Italian Food - VA BENE !

If you are anything like us, food and festas are an important component to daily pleasure,  for a comprehensive listing of the festas in our region check out the list at the end of our Blog and if you are looking for Great Italian Food when you look at Villas for rent in Tuscany then  La Collina del Sole will not dissapoint, and if you are looking for typically local food while in your Holiday Villas in Lucca then yet again you have struck gold ! For the Best Italian food we suggest, Trattoria di Bonini Pier in Via Monteperpoli 147 – Monteperpoli   55032 their telephone is  0583 639 425 and  0583 62210, This Trattoria is  HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. They are just completing a total refurbishment of the exterior and interior [ to a stone and bick finish ] They have an excellent and amazingly reasonable lunch menu for approximately € 10, including house wine ! There also have the most amazing a la carte dinning which is best appreciated in the evening in the downstairs restaurant. A handful of our favorites are homemade Linguini with Truffles when in season, Tagliatta of Beef with Grilled vegetables, all the game dishes are exceptional. The owner has an impressive list and knowledge of wines which are also well priced. The cost of an a la carte meal is approximately Euro 25, plus wine. It is closed on Tuesdays.  To get there allow 20 minutes drive from the best Villa rentals in Tuscany you very own La Collina del Sole drive towards Castelnuovo, however just before the bridge into town and just after the FIAT garage, turn sharp left towards Paleroso and Monteperpoli, keep left and driving uphill towards Paleroso, you will see it on your left, it has a limited car park.

For an accessible “ Slow Food” experience only a 20 minute drive from La Collina del Sole  when you rent a villa in Tuscany we suggest  Il Pozzo in Pieve Fosciana, Via Europa 2 /A, their telephone is  0583 66 63 80. It has the BEST antipasto [mixed starter] dish in the area. Giordano and Maurizio founded Il Pozzo in 1985 and have formed part of the “Slow Food” movement from its inception. Their Menu Degustation has home-made pasta, home grown vegetables and herbs. Their list of approximately 120 Italian wines includes some from Lucca, Tuscany and further afield. They are passionate about the origins of the food they prepare and have won several awards. Il Pozzo has great food and good ambience any time of year, usually busy but capacious. They close on Wednesdays apart from August when they open seven days a week.

For a Fantastic experience of Local specialties in a truly local and very charming setting we suggest Trattoria del Pescatore in Lago Isola Santa, their Telefones are  0583 639408 &  333 709 5763  which is a mobile. Set in the heart of the Marble Hills a 50 minute drive from La Collina del Sole . Gabrielle Matzei set up his own small restaurant in Isola Santa a small village part of which he has restored and brought back to life. Specialties include local truffle which is sold very reasonably and Funghi Porcini, for mushroom lovers this restaurant is a must. He also has a permit you will need to buy if you want to fish for the succulent local trout of the lake. He is one of the most gifted cooks of the area and has had extensive write ups in gastronomic magazines including “Bon Apetit”. For his website check out www. anticoborgoisolasanta.it

Buon Apetito ! and now for festas ... Gallicano is hosting the gastronomic event called Il Pane e le Rose from the 14 to the 24 of June. San Romano hosts the tradicional "throw of Cheese rounds" on the 17th of June in Orzaglia San Romano Trassilico is hosting on the 17th of June a cultural and musical, street artist filled astronomy related gastronomic event;  the mind boggles ! Pieve Fosciana has a Gastronomic feast in the historic centre of town on 17th of June For something different you could join the 31st Alpine pilgrimage on the 17th of June at Monte Argegna in Minucciano. In Silano however you have the festa of their patron saint Sant Antonio on the 17th. Also on the 17th you can visit the house of the Befana in  Pegnana , Barga and if you are late for that,  fear not,  on the 23and 24there is a Gastronomic delight in the same town Pruno in Stazzema hosts from the 20 to the 24 of June  the "sentieri di Pietra" event with more culture, music, astonomy and ... you got it FOOD Piazza al Serchio hosts a musical event entitled "Notte Bianca" on the 23rd of June On the 23rd of June you can also visit Gramolazzo in the region of Minucciano and join them in their yearly festa, dancing food and fun guatanteed OR go to Pian di Correglia in Correglia Antelminelli and join a "western" themed festa ... the choice is yours!

Let the Music Begin !

Following on from last week’s look at Festas in Garfagnana next to your favourite La Collina del Sole a handpicked jewel among Villas for rent in Tuscany, you will find many Music festivals not only with Opera as seen in our blog for Opera buffs  in May but with Jazz, Worldwide Folkloric Music and Contemporary music, even music competitions so when you next pick your Villa rentals in Tuscany   we suggest you check out the menu of musical choices available. If you rent a villa in Tuscany close to Barga you can partake in the Jazz Festival competition, whereas if you chose holiday villas in Lucca you would do well to check the latest itinerary of the Lucca Summer Festival in Piazza Napoleone, Lucca, held in July each year it attracts a star studded guest list for example: Elton John, Liza Minelli, BB King and Jamiroquai, Paul Simon and Oasis. In 2012 the list of performances are : Tom Petty and the Heartbrakers on 29 June BLINK -182 on 4th of July Norah Jones 14th July Gossip 19th of July Duran Duran on 21st of July Toto on 29 of July

If you prefer something closer to La Collina del Sole then Barga has an amazing Jazz Festival Contest, Barga is a beautiful town full of history that hosts Painters, Artisans, special food events and this unusual Jazz contest.

Or for a TOTAL change of scene how about Camporgiano which hosts the International Folkloric Festival with Argentinian Tango and Mexican dancing among others livening up the sultry Tuscan skies. Most villages in Garfagnana will have some music festival whether, modern, classic, jazz, children singing or local opera, Pontecosi a very picturesque village by a Lake just North of Castelnuovo it is a fabulous backdrop  for fun music filled Festas. Tango evenings also feature here

In Fosciadora our area you can dance under the stars durign the few days at either side of Santa Maria [ the virgin Mary’s birthday ] on the 15th of August, so whatever music you choose a live concert or a relaxed listening session at La Collina del Sole watching the sunset while listening to your favourite CD … enjoy